Alena Carvalho

Alena Carvalho

Alena Carvalho combines different techniques to produce her dynamic artwork. Working with an expressive style, the artist aims to capture the moment of her chosen scene and inks as well as acrylic paint and her camera allow her to achieve this. For Alena Carvalho, taking photographs and painting are inseparable and “city walks with my camera, rain or shine, night and day, is where I draw my inspiration from”. 

Born in Prague and now based in High Wycombe, London offers an endless pool of interest for Alena Carvalho. With architecture playing a crucial role in her artwork, the city allows the artist to anchor complicated and bustling scenes with recognisable buildings. “I love depicting city scenes that combine architecture and iconic buildings with the life that goes on around them, the traffic and the passers-by and how these scenes change with varying light and weather”.  

Equally important for Alena Carvalho is the weather at play, with reflections of light upon the wet pavement a particular favourite, “I am fascinated by the drama and life that rain and evening lights bring into the picture as much as I love the stillness and serenity of snow. I am compelled to paint the long shadows printed on the ground by the afternoon sun or the morning fog as it softens the edges and desaturates colours”.

Forest Gallery are delighted to present Alena’s striking artwork full of intrigue and movement. 

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