Gerhard Nesvadba – New Floral Originals

With spring now less than a month away we have lots of new artwork to welcome the new season.   Gerhard Nesvadba’s new floral pieces are so delicately painted  yet bold in colour and bursting with energy.  Our new collection includes three large and two small original oil paintings which can be seen here.

Born in 1941 near Frankfurt, Germany Gerhard Nesvadba showed artistic promise from a very young age.  Whilst growing up, drawing and painting remained a strong favourite subject and the young artist would dedicate much of his time to painting.  So much so that Nesvadba’s art teacher, impressed by his talent, offered him private lessons to teach him various painting techniques.

The young Nesvadba saw his aims in abstract compositions and when he had his first exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden the reception was outstanding. Further exhibitions followed in 1974 in Göteborg (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Hamburg and Frankfurt (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).

Gerhard also visited many museums all over Europe. Travelling a great deal, he was deeply impressed by the variety of the European landscape and one trip, returning home from Sweden to Austria in marvellous summer weather, he decided to begin painting impressionistic landscapes. Equally as renowned for his landscapes as his floral pieces, his success with these new paintings was so extraordinary that he continued this style. With his accomplished use of light and shade, contrasting and harmonious colours, he gives his landscapes a unique feeling of depth and spaciousness.

It is no wonder, therefore, that Gerhard Nesvadba’s floral pieces, which combine his masterful use of colour with the technique and ability of such an accomplished painter, are so popular with his collectors.


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