Allan Stephens

Allan Stephens

Allan Stephens was born in Maldon, Essex in 1970. Allan’s personal and professional history is a tale of two countries: He wanted to be an artist from a very young age, but the traditional routes of an artistic education were not to his liking and despite being enrolled in art school, he decided to leave England at the age of 18 to travel the world.

Four years and as many continents later, he arrived in France where he met his wife. Adapting the French proverb “It’s through painting that you become a painter”, he decided to settle there and learn his trade. Hugely influenced by the French “plein air” tradition, he has been painting there ever since.

Allan worked as a portraitist at first, then a period of time in Provence, finally settling in Normandy. Totally self-taught, he opened his own gallery in Normandy in 2003, and has since sold his paintings to all corners of the world, mounted successful exhibitions across France, Germany and Belgium, and continues his personal view of life seen through his paintbrushes.

Now of French nationality, he enjoys coming back to his English roots, and his direct, fresh style of painting life as he sees it, shows influences of both a childhood in the UK and an adult life in France.

Allan Stephens is currently working on a book which will be available in December. The title is “Le Tour de Normandie en 80 Toiles” (Around Normandy in 80 paintings), and is a year-long project of uniquely on-site paintings.

  • Centre Pompidou Paris
    Centre Pompidou Paris 40 x 32 inches £2,995.00
  • Rive Gauche Paris
    Rive Gauche Paris 46 x 35 inches £3,250.00
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