Amanda Jackson

Amanda Jackson

Amanda Jackson’s work describes human relationships whilst looking for the universal and the extraordinary in life’s ordinary moments.

“The textures of hair, fabric and skin and their luminescent qualities fascinate me in my figure studies”, says Amanda. “I take a minimal approach to the balancing of shape and tone while exploiting light effects, body language and colour symbolism and a painterly surface to set atmosphere or mood.

I believe in making my work accessible and involving; paintings we can all relate to. I often paint scenes about life rather than simply depicting it. Sometimes there is nostalgia, especially in the images of childhood and street scenes. If you feel a sense of yearning…. “wish I was there”, “it reminds me of…..” then I’ve done my job right.”

Born in the ’70s in Lincolnshire, England, Amanda Jackson received a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art, from the University of Leicester in 1995 and has exhibited widely across the UK.

  • Bottoms Up
    Bottoms Up 12 x 12 inches £795.00
  • Little Star
    Little Star 8 x 8 inches £495.00
  • Bear’s First Book
    Bear’s First Book 10 x 10 inches £695.00
  • Pause For Thought
    Pause For Thought 8 x 8 inches Sold
  • Her First Ballet Clothes
    Her First Ballet Clothes 8 x 8 inches Sold
  • Setting Off
    Setting Off 12 x 12 inches Sold
  • A Quiet Moment
    A Quiet Moment 12 x 16 inches Sold
  • The Snazzy Marbles
    The Snazzy Marbles 8 x 8 inches Sold
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