Amleto Colucci

Amleto Colucci

Born in Naples in 1953, Amleto Colucci continues to live and work in this beautiful Italian city.  Artistic talent runs in the family and being brought up in the company of such noteworthy artists it was no surprise that Amleto followed in their footsteps.

Nature, the mystery of colours and movement of forms in his paintings evoke a timeless quality and yet older memories of perhaps bygone times. Specialised in creating fascinating coastal views, woodlands and realistic scenes his delicate touch artfully blends the foreground and background.

In the past few years Amleto Colucci has exhibited in various Italian cities such as Naples, Florence and Vienna as well as abroad in France and the United Kingdom.

  • Cetara, Amalfi
    Cetara, Amalfi 20 x 16 inches £1,150.00
  • Lake Garda, Italy
    Lake Garda, Italy 28 x 20 inches £1,895.00
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