Andrew Grant Kurtis

Andrew Grant Kurtis

Born in London, Andrew Grant Kurtis has always shown a great love for art. He studied at the London Technical College where he gained a Licentiateship to the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers. He then continued his education in graphic design at the Central School of Art and Design where he achieved a Bachelor of Design with honours. In 1977 he then went on to attain a Master of Arts.

After his education he knew he wanted to develop his work in a more classical and traditional direction. He has developed his own unique style that has made his work so distinctive. Andrew has travelled extensively in Scotland and the lake district gaining reference and inspiration for his work.

Andrew Grant Kurtis is an established artist with leading galleries throughout the world and has had many commissions from publishers, who have reproduced his work for prints, cards and ceramics.

  • Big Ben at Midnight
    Big Ben at Midnight 10 x 12 inches £595.00
  • Westminster By Moonlight
    Westminster By Moonlight 12 x 12 inches £645.00
  • Thames Sparkle II
    Thames Sparkle II 10 x 12 inches £595.00
  • Thames Sparkle Commission
    Thames Sparkle Commission 12 x 12 inches Sold
  • Sunshine Haze
    Sunshine Haze 16 x 14 inches Sold
  • Westminster Chimes II
    Westminster Chimes II 10 x 12 inches Sold
  • Thames Sparkle
    Thames Sparkle 12 x 12 inches Sold
  • Westminster Chimes
    Westminster Chimes 16 x 20 inches Sold
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