Aneurin Sanders

Aneurin Sanders

Aneurin Sanders graduated from the Cardiff School of Art & Design in 2014.

His artistic process begins at first by wandering, exploring and looking for sounds and light. “I will take an image in a violent action as if I’m chasing the sound or light. This process produces a photograph that documents the action. It’s a psychogeographical exercise I have been developing since my university days.”  During this time Aneurin Sanders would wander around Cardiff with a recording device, following sounds around the city and sometimes not even recording but just exploring and absorbing the atmosphere.

Nowadays the activity and process involved for Aneurin is more visual. Digital sketches are based around psychogeographical photographs. Working with technology like iPads and other tablets for reference in the final product allows a clear timeline in the pieces to emerge. Aneurin Sanders produces a range of artwork from striking digital aluminium prints to large textured oil paintings made using resins.

His work has most recently been exhibited as part of the annual Arts & Crafts exhibition in Liberty London and the Art Box Project at Art Basel Miami.

  • Blast 3.4
    Blast 3.4 24 x 20 inches £595.00
  • Anew I
    Anew I 34 x 32 inches £985.00
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