Ashley Cordwell

Ashley Cordwell

A painter, photographer and qualified solicitor (a somewhat unusual combination) Ashley Cordwell decided that the urge to return to the Arts was undeniable whilst working in London and so began to sell some of his portfolio of photographs which he had accumulated throughout his travels. His style tends to focus on the unusual and interesting street scenes in Europe, South America and Northern Africa.

Born in 1988 in West Sussex, Ashley was raised in an artistic family. Having grown up surrounded by art it was only natural that Ashley would pursue this line of work. As a young boy, he would often copy other paintings at first using gouache and later progressing onto oil paintings by the time he was a teenager. Ashley’s bright contemporary landscapes invoke a naivety that he attributes to some of the naïve contemporary styles which he used to love as a boy. His paintings have sold all over the UK including to the musician Paul Weller.

  • Tide’s Out
    Tide’s Out 17 x 12 inches £145.00
  • Untouched
    Untouched 12 x 18 inches £145.00
  • Workhorse (Oversize)
    Workhorse (Oversize) 31 x 21 inches £395.00
  • Two’s Company
    Two’s Company 19 x 9 inches £145.00
  • The Market
    The Market 16 x 12 inches £145.00
  • Six, Seven, Eight
    Six, Seven, Eight 19 x 8 inches £145.00
  • Rooftops
    Rooftops 17 x 12 inches £145.00
  • Rendezvous
    Rendezvous 18 x 12 inches £145.00
  • Pears
    Pears 17 x 12 inches £145.00
  • Let’s Go Halves
    Let’s Go Halves 12 x 16 inches £145.00
  • Les Volets
    Les Volets 12 x 18 inches £145.00
  • Joanne-Marie
    Joanne-Marie 17 x 12 inches £145.00
  • Happy Feet
    Happy Feet 12 x 16 inches £145.00
  • Day Tripping
    Day Tripping 12 x 16 inches £145.00
  • Behind Bars
    Behind Bars 17 x 12 inches £145.00
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