Erich Paulsen

Erich Paulsen

Erich Paulsen was born in a small village near Berlin. Erich showed a prodigious talent for painting as he was growing up but his father urged him to learn a “normal” profession and so he became a varnisher and whitewasher.

The foreman at his workplace painted landscapes in his free time and the young Paulsen observed him, eager to try and paint. With no money to buy paint or brushes himself, Erich Paulsen took some of the foreman’s paints to experiment with. Unable to take the brushes, which the foreman kept in a separate place, Paulsen was forced to use the spatula which he normally took to remove old layers of colour and he painted a landscape with houses. When the foreman saw this he looked at Paulsen’s first painting and said was astounded. Realising that the young painter had much more ability and natural skill than he, the foreman gave Paulsen all of his painting materials. This was the start for a very successful artistic career, which led him to the Master School for Painting up to one of the most known artists.

In general Erich Paulsen prefers to paint landscapes and city scenes. The vibrancy of his palette and strong textural approach using a palette knife, give his paintings a flair that is completely unique in the field of contemporary art. Paulsen continues the legacy of impressionist painting and bring his work into the modern age. Critically Paulsen has attracted high acclaim throughout the world. His work has been recognised in several exhibitions from New York to Sydney and he enjoys a growing collective of serious collectors.

    Amalfi Coast
    Amalfi Coast 16 x 16 inches £745.00
    Coastal Path
    Coastal Path 24 x 20 inches £1,195.00
    Market Square
    Market Square 24 x 20 inches £1,195.00
    Harbour Cafe
    Harbour Cafe 48 x 36 inches £3,450.00
    Riverside Meadow
    Riverside Meadow 12 x 10 inches Sold
    Coastal Retreat
    Coastal Retreat 12 x 10 inches Sold
    Harbour Stroll
    Harbour Stroll 16 x 16 inches Sold
    Lake Garda
    Lake Garda 32 x 28 inches Sold
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