Hiroko Lewis

Hiroko Lewis

Hiroko Lewis is a Japanese artist based in Sussex, where she creates semi-abstract mindscapes inspired by her local environment.

After graduating with a degree in Fine Art from Kanazawa College of Art, she pursued a career as artist, porcelain pattern designer, and illustrator in Japan, where she exhibited widely, including at the prestigious National Art Centre in Tokyo.

Since moving to Brighton in 2011, she has expanded her media repertoire to include metal leaf and patination. She writes: “I am fascinated by the glow of “haku” metal materials and patination which add extra dimensions and colours, allowing a degree of expression that normal paints cannot achieve. I “go with the flow” of these chemical reactions to create patinas which are then integrated with oil paint and other traditional media to form a collaboration between unrestrained nature and control.”

In September 2019, “Unhurried Moon” was selected for The Society of Women Artists 158th annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. Her work has also been displayed at the ING Discerning Eye, Guildford Arts Summer Exhibition, Kimberly Clark corporate HQ, and a number of Brighton Artists Open House festivals, among others. “Resonance,” a major commission executed in oil, metal leaf, and patination for law firm Cripps LLC, was completed in February 2017. Comprising ten panels, and measuring 1.5m x 5m, it fills the lobby at their Tunbridge Wells offices.

Hiroko Lewis is available for commissions – please get in contact with us for more information.

  • Frost
    Frost 6 x 6 inches £ 395.00
  • Echo VI
    Echo VI 24 x 12 inches £ 695.00
  • Spring Morning Green
    Spring Morning Green 14 x 11 inches £ 695.00
  • Blossom
    Blossom 6 x 6 inches Sold
  • Basking In Reflected Glory
    Basking In Reflected Glory 24 x 20 inches Sold
  • The Murmuring of Water
    The Murmuring of Water 24 x 20 inches Sold
  • Forest Dawn XX
    Forest Dawn XX 6 x 6 inches Sold
  • Forest Dawn XVIII
    Forest Dawn XVIII 6 x 6 inches Sold
  • Glade I
    Glade I 6 x 6 inches Sold
  • Forest Dawn XXI
    Forest Dawn XXI 6 x 6 inches Sold
  • Forest Dawn XIX
    Forest Dawn XIX 6 x 6 inches Sold
  • Verdure III
    Verdure III 20 x 16 inches Sold
  • Verdure II
    Verdure II 20 x 16 inches Sold
  • Forest Dawn XV
    Forest Dawn XV 6 x 6 inches Sold
  • Forest Dawn XIV
    Forest Dawn XIV 6 x 6 inches Sold
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