Joe Devanny

Joe Devanny

Joe Devanny is a British freelance photographer based in West Sussex.  His style is very much one of observation whilst aiming, in a candid way to find those moments and images that capture and tell the story.

Joe’s portfolio spans several areas and events including Goodwood Revival, the Tour de France, Goodwood Members Meeting, the Mille Miglia in Italy as well as product launches, themed events and bespoke commissions.

Joe Devanny has most recently undertaken work for Challengers Sporting Icons, Themed Garages, Heritage Jaguar, Octane Magazine, Gauge Pilot and the late John Surtees CBE.

The body of work seen here focuses on images that aim to capture some of the atmosphere and feel of the legendary Mille Miglia – ranging from celebrity endorsement, individual Italian style and glamour, the traditional “sealing of the cars” through to the passion the event generates within the Italian community.

Tazio Nuvolari, Italy’s racing legend is said to have compared the Mille Miglia to an exotic cocktail – “you can’t name all the ingredients, but once you’ve experienced it you’ll never forget the taste”.

Each image is part of a limited edition run of just 25, signed and authenticated by the artist. Every artwork is hand printed on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag 308gsm, ready mounted and presented.

If you would like your artwork framed the image will be float mounted under museum glass with a black wax finish ash frame.  Please enquire if this is of interest.

  • A Quiet Corner
    A Quiet Corner 13 x 11 inches £211.00
  • Buona Fortuna
    Buona Fortuna 12 x 8 inches £205.00
  • Cosi Elaganti
    Cosi Elaganti 17 x 11 inches £216.00
  • Entering Piazza Della Logia
    Entering Piazza Della Logia 17 x 13 inches £220.00
  • Final Checks
    Final Checks 17 x 8 inches £211.00
  • The Act of Sealing
    The Act of Sealing 17 x 11 inches £216.00
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