John Haskins

John Haskins

Born in Bermondsey, London, John Haskins received an art school education before establishing an accomplished career as an illustrator. Initially, his main focus was on black and white line work, and he soon attained the position of studio manager for a leading publishing company.

Throughout this time, John continued to pursue his love of painting. After exhibiting in London over a period of years, he took up painting on a full-time basis. This decision enabled him to combine his passion for travelling with the opportunity to paint and collect material from around the world, as well as stage successful one-man shows and exhibitions in international locations such as Australia, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York and Paris. Many of John’s works have been reproduced on magazine front covers, prints, calendars, greeting cards and book illustrations.

Currently living in the Bedfordshire countryside, John Haskins is married with two daughters, who frequently appear as subjects of his paintings.

  • Lunch on the Cannaregio
    Lunch on the Cannaregio 24 x 20 inches £1,095.00
  • Our Beach
    Our Beach 26 x 26 inches £845.00
  • Our Side Are In
    Our Side Are In 24 x 24 inches £1,125.00
  • Sandcastles
    Sandcastles 10 x 10 inches £395.00
  • Daisy Girl
    Daisy Girl 10 x 10 inches £395.00
  • Gone Fishing
    Gone Fishing 10 x 10 inches £395.00
  • Opening Chukka
    Opening Chukka 24 x 20 inches £985.00
  • Out of His Depth
    Out of His Depth 10 x 10 inches £395.00
  • Autumn Walk in the Forest
    Autumn Walk in the Forest 24 x 20 inches Sold
  • All the Way Home II
    All the Way Home II 24 x 20 inches Sold
  • Lake Como
    Lake Como 36 x 16 inches Sold
  • Snow on the Bridleway
    Snow on the Bridleway 23 x 19 inches Sold
  • Garden Lunch, Seville
    Garden Lunch, Seville 16 x 10 inches Sold
  • Sobre Mesa, Almunecar
    Sobre Mesa, Almunecar 24 x 20 inches Sold
  • All the Way Home
    All the Way Home 24 x 20 inches Sold
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