John Lawrence

John Lawrence

John Lawrence describes his artwork as “vibrant, impressionistic and of the moment”.

Born in Kent, John Lawrence first made a name for himself in the 1960s when he was commissioned by Wilkinson Sword to produce a set of engravings of ceremonial swords. He later illustrated campaigns for Castrol, Princes Salmon and Unilever.

During the 80s and 90s, Lawrence worked for some major advertisers. He produced illustrations for bank notes and personal cheques and a series of seven Christmas advertisements for Harrods. Lawrence was the illustrator of the original Big Ben logo that appears on HP Sauce – an adaptation of which can still be seen on sauce bottles today.

In 1993 John decided he would concentrate on his oil paintings full time and under the tuition of the artist Eddie Franklin, further developed his style.

John Lawrence’s passion for marine scenes is reflected in a large body of his work.  Alongside these John also paints local Sussex landscapes capturing country life, as well as street scenes and townscapes. John Lawrence paints mainly from life and invites viewers of his work to share the moment and feel the cold splash of the sea or the warmth of the sun, which he has captured on the canvas.  Through confident brushstrokes and a bold use of colour John forms a style which successfully plays through all genres of his original paintings.

  • Snowy River Rother, Rogate
    Snowy River Rother, Rogate 12 x 12 inches £845.00
  • Posy of Flowers
    Posy of Flowers 12 x 12 inches £845.00
  • Awaiting the Tide, Walberswick
    Awaiting the Tide, Walberswick 16 x 16 inches £1,095.00
  • Blowy Day at Walberswick
    Blowy Day at Walberswick 16 x 16 inches £1,095.00
  • Cows at Cowdray on the Rother
    Cows at Cowdray on the Rother 18 x 14 inches £1,095.00
  • Harvest Time, Petworth
    Harvest Time, Petworth 22 x 16 inches £1,195.00
  • Old Jetty at Bosham
    Old Jetty at Bosham 12 x 12 inches £845.00
  • Low Tide at Bosham
    Low Tide at Bosham 20 x 16 inches £1,195.00
  • Sunlit Beech Tree
    Sunlit Beech Tree 32 x 32 inches £1,795.00
  • Waterlilies Opening in the Sunshine
    Waterlilies Opening in the Sunshine 24 x 24 inches £1,350.00
  • In a Corner of the Boat Yard
    In a Corner of the Boat Yard 12 x 12 inches Sold
  • Harbour Master
    Harbour Master 12 x 12 inches Sold
  • Fishing Boats and Net Sheds
    Fishing Boats and Net Sheds 16 x 16 inches Sold
  • Lavender Fields, Sault
    Lavender Fields, Sault 20 x 20 inches Sold
  • Marina, Cassis
    Marina, Cassis 40 x 32 inches Sold
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