Mario Malfer

Mario Malfer

Mario Malfer was born 1941 in Italy. Following an outstanding talent for drawing his parents allowed him to study painting at the Academy of Milan and he went on to study design in Como.

Malfer had been working successfully as a designer for Italian and American companies. Beyond his work as a designer he kept on painting, at first in a very traditional style and later using colour to break up geometric forms and create very interesting compositions. His ideas seem to be inexhaustible and with fulminant colours he creates paintings with an extraordinary flair.

He has held many expositions in Venice, Rome, Zürich and Milan resulting in much critical acclaim and in 1988 he received the Italian Art Award “Premio Arte”.  His artwork is in demand all over Europe from private collectors of his work.

  • Lago Di Garda
    Lago Di Garda 20 x 16 inches £1,595.00
  • Abstract Fields II
    Abstract Fields II 20 x 16 inches £1,595.00
  • Seasonal Italy
    Seasonal Italy 32 x 28 inches Sold
  • Hilltop View
    Hilltop View 32 x 28 inches Sold
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