Matthew Cordwell

Matthew Cordwell

Matthew Cordwell was born in West Sussex and is an emerging talent in the art world. Coming from an artistic family, Matthew went on to study in Bristol before living in London.

A keen landscape photographer, Matthew is never short of inspiration for paintings from the British countryside. You will often find him out and about in all weather conditions in search of his next composition from the local surroundings. Over the years Matthew has developed an emotive loose style, focusing on the play of light and colour in his work as he paints his experiences in the studio.

Matthew has travelled extensively both in the United Kingdom and further abroad, gaining reference and inspiration for his artworks. Matthew Cordwell is available for commissions and special requests. For more information please get in touch with a member of the Forest Gallery team.

  • Snow in Petworth Park
    Snow in Petworth Park 13 x 9 inches £ 395.00
  • Norfolk Windmill
    Norfolk Windmill 12 x 8 inches £ 345.00
  • Light Breaking Through
    Light Breaking Through 20 x 16 inches £ 795.00
  • The Storm, Cornwall
    The Storm, Cornwall 24 x 16 inches £ 895.00
  • View to Glencoe
    View to Glencoe 12 x 8 inches £ 345.00
  • Stormy Skies Over Petworth
    Stormy Skies Over Petworth 12x12 inches £ 495.00
  • South Downs Dawn
    South Downs Dawn 13 x 9 inches £ 395.00
  • Petworth Park Memories
    Petworth Park Memories 13 x 9 inches £ 395.00
  • Vistas of Petworth
    Vistas of Petworth 13 x 9 inches Sold
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