Nunzia Durazzo

Nunzia Durazzo

Born in Naples in 1960, Nunzia Durazzo now lives in Bacoli in the province of Naples. Self-taught, Nunzia began creating her mixed media masterpieces in 2005 and has not looked back since.

Her technique consists of the application of a wide variety of materials, some of which are rarely used elsewhere, giving her artwork a unique feel and design.  Durazzo’s quasi mosaic artworks can include such varied materials as stone, sand, pearls, shells, resin, ceramics and paint to name but a few.

Durazzo plays with imperfections to create something which not only looks handmade but feels like a living artwork.  The entire piece is lovingly put together by hand and each material is patiently placed one by one.

Nunzia Durazzo’s work has been exhibited in a variety of Italian towns including her native Naples, Rome, Milan and Florence.

  • Positano Life
    Positano Life 20 x 24 inches £985.00
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