Peter Vaillant

Peter Vaillant

Peter Vaillant is recognised as an acclaimed and awarded British abstract artist phenomenon.

He has obtained notoriety through international exhibitions of unique, colourful, structured depictions on canvas and aluminium. Confirmation of his international consequence can be attributed with artwork adorning public and private collections.

Peter’s artwork is reviewed as having a powerful and vibrant modernism. Distinguishable to his peers, Peter’s paintings are colourful, intrepid and playful. His artwork has received resounding approval from Nigel Hurst, the CEO of Saatchi Gallery, Peter Randall-Page RA, Ian Davenport (Turner Prize nominee), Sir David Hockney and many others.

In November 2018, Peter was awarded the best artist in the West Country region by the ING Discerning Eye, a coveted exhibition, for his unique representation of abstract art.

In addition to this, Peter’s artwork has exhibited alongside influential British artists. Liverpool Cathedral acquired a painting ‘Praise’ which now hangs alongside other artworks by Tracey Emin and Dame Elisabeth Frink, to name a couple.

The BBC commissioned Peter to create a large painting for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant. The finished artwork joined a commissioned piece by Sir David Hockney and both artworks showcased alongside each other in London.

Peter Vaillant continues to push the boundaries with his striking, collectible artwork and Forest Gallery are proud to work in close partnership with this talented artist.

  • Riva
    Riva 36 x 48 inches £ 5,000.00
  • Portofino
    Portofino 36 x 48 inches £ 5,000.00
  • Quattro
    Quattro 36 x 48 inches £ 5,000.00
  • The Private Moment
    The Private Moment 48 x 72 inches £ 45,000.00
  • A Confused Life
    A Confused Life 24 x 24 inches £ 4,500.00
  • What Was Once There
    What Was Once There 48 x 60 inches £ 19,500.00
  • Aegletes
    Aegletes 13 x 18 inches £ 2,250.00
  • At The Edge Of Time
    At The Edge Of Time 32 x 10 inches £ 3,500.00
  • Paused To Make A Wish At The Shoreline
    Paused To Make A Wish At The Shoreline 24 x 24 inches Sold
  • Profound Longing
    Profound Longing 24 x 24 inches Sold
  • Ubiquitous
    Ubiquitous 16 x 20 inches Sold
  • Pure Brightness
    Pure Brightness 48 x 48 inches Sold
  • Noble
    Noble 16 x 20 inches Sold
  • Eclectic
    Eclectic 16 x 20 inches Sold
  • Ebullient
    Ebullient 16 x 20 inches Sold
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