Sam Toft

Sam Toft

Sam Toft creates wonderful narrative style paintings which are quirky, fun and beautifully composed. Born in June 1964 Sam’s earliest ambition amongst others was to work in a post office; luckily for art lovers, after inspired tutelage at Liverpool Community College, Sam decided to “give it a go” with her pictures.

Here’s what Sam says about her beginnings as an artist: “I moved from London up to live with my sister, and managed to enrol on a part-time BTEC in General Art and Design at Liverpool’s City College, and found I could do that alongside some bar work. At 23 or whatever, I was a “mature” student!!! My ‘portfolio’ was a pitiful bunch of dog-eared sketches in a board backed envelope. But I am ever so glad that they took me on. I met some kind and dedicated teachers, and allowed myself to dream that I had found my vocation, and that this was something I could truly be good at. And if I am asked, as I often am, if I have any advice for people starting off in the art world, it’s the same advice I would give to a new yoga student. Get good at falling over and picking yourself up again.”

Sam has created an exclusive collection featuring her now infamous characters, “The Mustard’s”, Ernest Hemingway Mustard and his dear lady wife Violet along with their much loved eccentric friends and pets. Using mixed media, pencil, oil pastels, coloured inks and her own idiomatic techniques, Sam depicts a seaside world of faded ice-cream colours where the breeze is always blowing and life is utterly delicious.

Prints are available unmounted, mounted or mounted and framed. Please get in touch with us for more information or to see other prints by Sam Toft.

  • Big Dog Bath
    Big Dog Bath 16 x 20 inches £ 175.00
  • Tea Time Me Time
    Tea Time Me Time 7 x 7 inches £ 72.00
  • This Is The Life
    This Is The Life 7 x 7 inches £ 72.00
  • Until We Meet Again
    Until We Meet Again 25 x 18 inches £ 210.00
  • The Matchmaker
    The Matchmaker 9 x 12 inches £ 107.00
  • Three Mad Ducks
    Three Mad Ducks 7 x 10 inches £ 80.00
  • The Cornish Pasty Cruise
    The Cornish Pasty Cruise 16 x 12 inches £ 125.00
  • Coniston Stepping Stones
    Coniston Stepping Stones 10 x 7 inches £ 80.00
  • Big Dog Bed
    Big Dog Bed 23 x 16 inches £ 185.00
  • Never Forget the Way Home
    Never Forget the Way Home 23 x 16 inches £ 185.00
  • Moonlight Drive
    Moonlight Drive 16 x 12 inches £ 120.00
  • It’s Only a Pretty Moon
    It’s Only a Pretty Moon 12 x 12 inches £ 110.00
  • Happy Days Are Here Again
    Happy Days Are Here Again 24 x 11 inches £ 155.00
  • A Note To Say
    A Note To Say 7 x 7 inches £ 72.00
  • Until The End Of Time
    Until The End Of Time 7 x 7 inches £ 72.00
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