Lee McCarthy

Lee McCarthy

Lee McCarthy began his professional life as a successful landscape garden designer. Following in his father’s footsteps this profession offered the artist a close connection with nature and encouraged Lee to appreciate his natural surroundings. It wasn’t until 2008 when he decided to revisit his school-age passion of painting that he realised where his love and enjoyment really lay.

Setting up a studio in his home, Lee began to build up a collection of paintings for local art shows and galleries and soon found his work in high demand. Lee McCarthy holds a strong affinity for the British coastline and finds inspiration in the many towns and villages around. 

Working in acrylics, Lee McCarthy builds up layers of textures and colours within his paintings to give a sense of depth. Using a limited palette, the artist maintains a coordinated appearance and focuses on the variation of tones and shades available within the landscape. The artist’s work has evolved in recent years to take on a naïve style reminiscent of L.S. Lowry.

Lee’s inspiration for painting, as well as coming from coastal visits, are often figments of his thoughts as he drifts off at night: “I will be lying there with many ideas racing through my mind and have to do a quick sketch so I can then put them into practice when I next paint. Sometimes I will just jump up, put my overalls on and paint into the early hours because I cannot wait until the next day”. 

We are delighted to be showcasing Lee’s bright and creative coastal artwork here at Forest Gallery.

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