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Forest Gallery has been a trusted partner for trade professionals for over 40 years and can offer bespoke services for your interior design needs, however large or small the project. We offer free art consultancy services and visualisations to help you find the right artwork for any space. Get in touch by filling out the form below to find out what benefits you can get by becoming a trade account member.

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    Art for Interior Designers

    We believe in a tailored approach to selecting art for interior designers, which is why we work closely with you to ensure chosen paintings and sculptures are the perfect match for your space.

    With over 40 years’ experience in the art industry, Forest Gallery is a trusted partner to deliver the perfect art for interior designers looking to bring a refined look to their projects. Working with us you will receive a personal service from our specialists who will help identify the most suitable artists and artworks based on your brief and styling. We appreciate that art is an essential element of pulling a project together, that’s why we offer free visualisations using both our Art Visualisation platform and our inhouse team. With a 5-star rating from over 300 reviews you can be rest assured that our service to you is paramount, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your project.


    Five benefits of becoming a trade account holder with Forest Gallery


    • Unlock exclusive discounts with our tiered loyalty program

    No matter how large or small the project, our tiered loyalty program will ensure you are getting the best deal from our welcome bonus through to the Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers for the larger interior design projects.


    • Personal service from our dedicated art specialists

    Finding paintings for interior design projects can be a daunting challenge amongst the ever-growing selection presented online. With our gallery space and experienced art specialists available to you, we take confusion out of the process and provide a concise selection of suitable artwork appropriate for your projects’ budget, scheme and size.


    • 6 months free storage on all purchases

    We understand not all projects run seamlessly and delays can mean trying to decorate a room amongst a delivery of delicate items. That’s why we offer 6 months of free storage on all purchases so you can have peace of mind knowing your artwork is stored safely and securely until you wish to take delivery.


    • Professional in-house framing and re-framing services

    As a Fine Art Trade Guild member, we uphold the highest standards of art preservation, presentation and conservation including our bespoke framing services. Our in-house framing workshop and dedicated framers are trained in the latest techniques, offering effective solutions and framing services for paintings.


    • Extended 60-day returns policy

    As a trade account member you will be able to take advantage of our extended returns policy to give you greater peace of mind choosing artwork. Whether chosen paintings don’t fit the space or simply no longer match with the design, you can return artwork for a credit note valid for any artwork.


    Working within your colour scheme: best paintings for interior design projects

    Whether bold and contemporary or subtle and sleek, we work closely with all our artists to fulfil commissions from the many collectors who require certain colour palettes or sizes. Get in touch to find out more about commissioning paintings for interior design projects or view the below suggested artists for work available immediately.


    Ruben Abstract

    Working with epoxy resin, Ruben’s colourful paintings reflect the fluid nature of the medium with abstract flowing shapes of soft hues and gentle curves. The illustrious finish shimmers in the light and makes for a striking statement piece in contemporary projects. Need a particular colour palette to match a scheme? Get in touch to start your commission and curate the perfect painting for the new space.


    abstract painting for interior design project with resin with pastel colours by artist Ruben Abstract
    Ruben creates Abstract paintings with stylish and relaxed form using epoxy resin



    Hiroko Lewis

    Hiroko is a Japanese artist who creates abstract mindscapes in mixed media. Using a combination of metal leafing and patination alongside oil paints she creates unique artworks that change according to the light. The artist’s subtle paintings have a wonderful calming presence ready to enhance your interior design project.


    japanese art by Hiroko Lewis of an abstract original painting with gold leaf and copper tones throughout perfect calming paintings for interior design projects
    Gold leaf and patination experimentation combined with a muted colour palette make Hiroko’s paintings a popular choice for designers. The painting changes depending on the light and angle of the viewer bringing added interest.


    Harry Brioche

    Painting with layers of translucent oil paint, Harry Brioche creates striking contemporary landscape and seascape paintings. Full of drama, Harry takes inspiration from across the UK for his paintings to create atmospheric masterpieces perfectly suited to interior design projects. We have worked closely with the artist on numerous commissions over the years with specific vistas and mountain ranges being captured for clients in Harry’s unique style.


    striking oil painting by harry brioche of an atmospheric landscape with dramatic clouds and a burst of sunlight through to the fields below, dramatic painting for interior designers
    Drama and light play a central role in Harry Brioche’s atmospheric landscape paintings which are suited to both contemporary and traditionally designed spaces.


    Peter Vaillant

    Abstract to the core, Peter Vaillant’s colourful paintings work on interlocking layers of thickly applied paint to create a tapestry of colour and shapes. Peter’s artwork has adorned the walls of many prestigious galleries and homes and the BBC commissioned Peter to create a large painting for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant. The finished artwork joined a commissioned piece by Sir David Hockney and both artworks showcased alongside each other in London.


    colourful abstract painting by Peter Vaillant with overlapping paint swatches suited to a modern interior design project
    Colourful swatches of paint built up in layers brings Peter’s work a sleek and contemporary appearance ideally suited to a modern design.


    Anna Andreadi

    Perfect for the finishing touches on interior design projects, these limited edition solid bronze sculptures bring style in a minimalist form. Working from her studio in Greece, Anna Andreadi uses traditional techniques to create her whimsical sculptures ready to adorn your designed spaces.


    bronze sculpture by artist Anna Andreadi with a minimalist style akin to Salvador Dali for contemporary designs
    Anna’s limited edition solid bronze sculptures lovingly handmade using traditional processes are the perfect accompaniment to neutrally toned rooms and add a touch of style to the final decorations.


    Jay Nottingham

    Looking to add impact to a room? Jay’s striking paintings of inky skies and luminescent textured foregrounds are bold and unique. Positioned with the right colour scheme and décor, these original paintings have the power to transform a space.


    art for interior designers with a striking painting with dark sky and bright foreground in a contemporary styled room
    Jay’s captivating paintings give impact for that special centrepiece. Complementary colours bring the best from these stunning pieces like these red armchairs counterbalancing the greens of the artwork.


    Kev Munday

    Acclaimed artist Kev Munday paints wonderfully creative doodles of a never-ending series of fantasy characters. Kev has worked on myriad interior design projects from painting pianos and table football tables to doodling across the walls of offices. Kev’s talents are ideally suited to art for interior design projects with some of his creations viewable below. Get in touch for any requests or to see further examples of Kev’s unique work.


    painting of playful cartoon pop characters by kev munday for interior design projects
    Unique and playful, Kev Munday’s wonderful world of characters have brought the artist much acclaim with their happy expressions.



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