Forest Art Painters – Top 3

Forest Art

For millennia forests have provided shelter, food and fuel for animals and humans alike. In fact, many of the key settlements of Britain were founded based on their proximity to, and presence of, the natural resource wood. It is not surprising therefore that artists have created forest art for centuries, drawing from the memories and experiences shared within these important ecosystems. From Vincent Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt to modern day painters such as David Hockney, forest art continues to serve as a subject in its own right.

Below we take a look at how some of our most successful artists here at Forest Gallery portray these important ecosystems.


Michael James Smith

Photorealist artist, Michael James Smith, paints forests as both an important backdrop to his detailed landscapes and as a key feature of them. Heralded as “Britain’s next top artist” by Artists & Illustratos, Michael’s detailed paintings are an exquisite representation of the British countryside, of which trees and woodlands are so often a prominent feature. By applying a layering technique, the artist carefully builds up a realistic portrayal of the many tones and intricate structures of trees.


David Dipnall

Light in a painting is one of the most important elements for creating a sense of atmosphere. Whether artists choose to paint plein air, via photographic reference or via studio light, a light source is crucial to establish the highlights, shadows and tones within. Trees are a vital component in splitting, reflecting and capturing light as it is scattered through the atmosphere and illuminates the landscape, and these effects are painted beautifully by David Dipnall.


Oil painting by artist David Dipnall of an Autumnal woodland scene
David Dipnall paints forest art with beautiful detail and atmosphere, as shown in this oil painting titled, ‘Autumn in the Woods’.


Mark Payne

The brilliantly talented artist, Mark Payne, produces realistic large-scale paintings using a variation of the early painting technique known as ‘Grisaille’. By painting sequential transparent layers of paint onto an opaque underpainting, Mark’s paintings give the illusion of being backlit. This creates a beautiful drama and liveliness to the art. Combine this with the detail and finesse applied to his large tree and forest paintings and the result is breathtaking.


Detailed oil painting of tree against sunlight by artist Mark Payne
Mark Payne captures the majesty of trees in exquisite detail, as seen in this original oil titled, ‘Dawn Hearts, Hinchingbrook Park’.


Where to Buy Forest Art

At Forest Gallery we have a wide range of forest paintings for sale by the artists featured above as well as others such as Gunther Fruhmesser and Stephen Hawkins. If you have a particular piece in mind why not enquire about a commission? With decades of experience in selecting the finest paintings from around the world, Forest Gallery is the perfect place to find your next forest painting.

To see our current range of artworks by the very talented artist Michael James Smith follow the link below.


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