John Russell

John Russell

John Russell is a Scottish artist living on a farm in northern England. He depicts British landscapes combining a mix of the traditional with a contemporary finish.

John’s bright and striking style is skilfully crafted with stylised skies which frame a dramatically lit foreground to great effect.

His paintings span a variety of subject matter from Yorkshire Farms to Highland crofts, Lakeland cottages to Cornish mines. Rugged, barren scenes are his favourite subject matter to paint as well as lakes and sailing scenes.

John Russell is continually evolving his style through his paintings.  Forest Gallery are pleased to be able to offer commissions of John’s artwork should you have any special requests. Please get in touch with the gallery to discuss further.

  • Sailing In The Bay
    Sailing In The Bay 24 x 12 inches £ 595.00
  • The Retreat
    The Retreat 40 x 15 inches £ 895.00
  • Nestled Amongst the Trees
    Nestled Amongst the Trees 16 x 16 inches Sold
  • House in the Glade
    House in the Glade 16 x 16 inches Sold
  • Summer Reverie
    Summer Reverie 24 x 12 inches Sold
  • Where No One Can Find Us
    Where No One Can Find Us 48 x 12 inches Sold
  • Thinking Over The Moon
    Thinking Over The Moon 12 x 12 inches Sold
  • Between the Hills
    Between the Hills 24 x 9 inches Sold
  • Out Sailing
    Out Sailing 12 x 12 inches Sold
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