Kev Munday Exhibition at the White Horse

Spring is finally here and that means a new season’s exhibition at the White Horse in Graffham. We have been busy preparing a special appearance by Kev Munday’s artwork featuring a new series of animal paintings as well as his wonderful centrepiece clock, ‘Tempo’. Part of the exhibition in the White Horse conservatory area is pictured below with ‘Tempo’ and four 16 x 16 inch paintings from Kev’s animal series.

Starting his artistic career at the age of 16, Kev’s first creative endeavours came in the form of street art; painting walls and leaving stickers, paste-ups and other markings on street furniture. It wasn’t until a few years later that a friend and fellow artist suggested he transfer his artwork onto canvas and he found an instant attraction to the surface. Building upon the style he had been developing in his street work, Kev continued to work with spray paint and markers, using the vivid colours and bold lines that are still present in his work to date.

Now aged 32, Kev has created artwork for brands including Walt Disney, Graham & Brown wallpaper, Fracture Skateboards and Uni-Ball and his art is collected and exhibited worldwide. having recently been named by the Telegraph as a ‘British artist to invest in right now’ and the best-selling British artist of the year on Artfinder, Munday’s work can be found transcending the gallery walls onto a plethora of surfaces, including everything from police cars to pianos, billboards to grandfather clocks. Still relishing the opportunity to work in the public domain, Kev likes to see everything as a canvas and can be regularly found producing his artwork live at a variety of events.

Be sure to pay the White Horse a visit to enjoy a wonderful meal in a stunning South Downs setting.


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