Frank Pretorius

Frank Pretorius

Born in South Africa, Frank Pretorius grew up close to nature, which influenced his art from a young age. As a child he used to draw ‘anything and everything’ on all surfaces he could find and was soon identified as the family artist. The drawing eventually gave way to studying graphic design, fine arts and later filmmaking.

Whilst Frank never stopped painting and drawing, his two-decade long career in advertising has hibernated the childhood dream of painting full time. After moving to the UK, Frank decided to make the leap and take up painting as a career. “My career in film and advertising may be slightly winding and alternative, but this was my journey and I am forever grateful for it because it changed my perspective and the way I interpret my subject material. Compared to the work I created as a young artist in my twenties, I am now far more partial to material and techniques that bring movement and depth of field into my work, much as you would have in film. My style is all about capturing a moment where paint, canvas and a digital film frame meet.”

Frank has recently created paintings of wildlife from Africa and England, the classic Porsche 550 and horses, and has been exhibited at the Contemporary Art Fairs in Windsor 2019. He has also been invited to contribute one of his works for the Explorers Against Extinctions annual wildlife art exhibition titled Sketch for Survival.

We are thrilled to offer the stunning animal artwork of Frank Pretorius with his fluid and dynamic mark making. 

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