Gisela Ueberall

Gisela Ueberall

Gisela Ueberall was born in 1955 in Bünde, Germany and has been an artist since 1982.

At the beginning of her career she was influenced by Salavdor Dali with her works being fine and detailed in a surrealistic style.  As her career progressed she began to reduce the details in favour of colour and composition. The simplicity of forms and natural colours reflect her positive attitude to life.  Her abstract paintings of all sizes are evocative and well balanced.  Gisela Uerberall’s use of colour ranges from daring to subtle and her masterful pieces on canvas have proved popular amongst her followers.

Ueberall has held many exhibitions with great success in the UK and further afield such as Tokyo, Quebec, Philadelphia, Hungary and France.

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