Kevin Burton

Kevin Burton

Kevin Burton was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1974. Here he studied at Melbourne High School where his teacher recognised his artistic talent and sought to encourage his ability.

Whilst under this teacher’s tuition, Kevin would visit their studio and immerse himself in the abstract world. This early exposure to combinations of colour and form have remained with Kevin and are certainly present in his work.

Following this experience Kevin attended the University of Melbourne. This allowed him to explore his talent and develop his artistic skills. Whilst studying he met his future Spanish wife whom was on an Erasmus scholarship in Melbourne. Consequently, after graduating Kevin moved to Alicante, his wife’s home city and has lived there since.

Kevin continues to train his artistic skills and visits Alicante’s university to explore new techniques and ideas. His artworks are exhibited in public and private collections around the world including Australia, Europe, the Emirates, Russia and Japan.

We are delighted to have Kevin Burton on board at Forest Gallery, showcasing his best work and colourful abstracts.

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