Paul West

Paul West

Paul West was born in Dorset and is known for his bold, gestural landscape paintings.  Although his education included life drawing and print making, Paul’s route to becoming a professional artist has been largely self-taught.

A visit to Northumberland in the early 90’s came like “a thunder bolt of inspiration” resulting in annual art pilgrimages as the furrowed horizons and huge skies, the mystery of woodlands and solitary trees are key to firing his imagination. Paul records the rugged terrain of the countryside in his landscape painting whilst allowing a looseness in his style giving his paintings a special energy.

Paul West learnt his skills through observing the countryside while walking, forging deep emotional connections with the land and recording the balance of quiet spaces mixed with frenetic energy. This is reflected in his mark making in a signature ‘impasto’ interaction of paint on canvas or hard board, with a fluid use of vibrant colour.

A regular exhibitor at London’s The Other Art Fair, one of Paul’s commissions caught the eye of Kate Humble.  As a result, Paul was interviewed as an inspiration for her “Thinking On My Feet” book (published in 2018 by Octopus Publishing Group).  This in turn led to the commission to create the book front cover, end papers and inside plates.

As well as participating in art fairs, Paul’s artwork was pre-selected for the second round judging at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019. Forest Gallery is pleased to be representing Paul and if you have any special requirements or requests, please get in touch with us.

  • Oak Leaf
    Oak Leaf 31.5 x 31.5 inches £ 500.00
  • Plane Leaf
    Plane Leaf 31.5 x 31.5 inches £ 500.00
  • Dunstanburgh Castle
    Dunstanburgh Castle 14 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • Towards Wolvesnewton
    Towards Wolvesnewton 10 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • Yellow Field
    Yellow Field 10 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • Summer Fields
    Summer Fields 10 x 13 inches £ 120.00
  • Thistle Field
    Thistle Field 14 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • Copse Study
    Copse Study 14 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • Chicklade Copse
    Chicklade Copse 14 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • Tree Line, Warkworth
    Tree Line, Warkworth 14 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • New Forest
    New Forest 14 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • Walthamstow Marshes
    Walthamstow Marshes 14 x 10 inches £ 120.00
  • Tractor Trails
    Tractor Trails 12 x 12 inches £ 500.00
  • Dune Grass, Cornwall (Diptych)
    Dune Grass, Cornwall (Diptych) 39 x 20 inches £ 2,500.00
  • Two Planes
    Two Planes 20 x 24 inches £ 1,100.00
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