Michael Claxton

Michael Claxton

Michael Claxton is talented semi abstract seascape artist whose expressive and mysterious paintings evoke a truly emotional response.

The simplicity of nature is a constant source of inspiration for Michael.  His paintings depict capturing the shifting light, tumbling clouds, crumbling rocks on rolling hills, a crashing wave and the tranquility of open spaces.  Michael’s aim is to capture the essence of distant view, capturing the way light interacts with the landscape and nature.

Michael Claxton regularly walks in the Peak District which in turn provides inspiration for his paintings.  Whilst out and about Michael will take in as much as possible of the ever-changing landscape before returning to his studio to paint. Travelling around the UK coastline is also a great love and inspiration for this nature driven artist.

Michael likes to work from memory either from recent excursions or more distant encounters. This gives him more freedom of expression and the ability to work using bold open brush stokes alongside palette knife work, achieving rich textured paintings, creating more energy and emotion.  It is often this texture and depth which adds mystery to the paintings and the suggestion of the natural landscape which inspired them.

Michael Claxton has built up a solid reputation as an artist to watch in his genre with ever more bold and impressive paintings. Paintings are available either framed or on box canvas. If you have any special requests or size requirements and would like to discuss a commission please get in contact with Forest Gallery.

  • Eternity
    Eternity 24 x 24 inches £ 795.00
  • Azure
    Azure 20 x 20 inches £ 795.00   £ 745.00
  • Peaceful Seascape
    Peaceful Seascape 16 x 16 inches Sold
  • Simplicity
    Simplicity 20 x 16 inches Sold
  • Destiny
    Destiny 20 x 20 inches Sold
  • Integrity
    Integrity 24 x 24 inches Sold
  • Eternity
    Eternity 20 x 16 inches Sold
  • Memories
    Memories 20 x 20 inches Sold
  • Serenity
    Serenity 28 x 28 inches Sold
  • Morning Mist
    Morning Mist 16 x 16 inches Sold
  • Cool Tones
    Cool Tones 24 x 24 inches Sold
  • Coastal Dreams
    Coastal Dreams 28 x 28 inches Sold
  • Lilac Days
    Lilac Days 16 x 16 inches Sold
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