Beautiful Paintings by Italian Artists

These beautiful paintings by Italian artists will transport you to the warmth and magic of Italy.  Each artist’s unique captions of beautiful Italy range from the delicately detailed to using sand, stone and ceramic on canvas.

The first of these Italian artists is Amletto Colucci whose detailed oil paintings capture the radiant light on Lake Garda and the Amalfi Coast.  Born in Naples in 1953, Amleto Colucci continues to live and work in this beautiful Italian city.  Artistic talent runs in the family and being brought up in the company of such noteworthy artists it was no surprise that Amleto followed in their footsteps. In the past few years Amleto Colucci has exhibited in various Italian cities such as Naples, Florence and Vienna as well as abroad in France and the United Kingdom.

The second of these Italian artists is Pasquale Esposito, also from Naples.  Particularly well versed in landscapes and typical Italian views as well as figurative art, Esposito paints with dedication and focus.  His romantic spirit as an artist has always blossomed from the rich beauty of nature.  His simple style and tonal qualities combine with pure compositions of the Italian landscape.  Well regarded in artistic circles he has won prestigious awards such as ‘Painter of the Year’ in Naples.

Departing from the traditional style is Nunzia Durazzo with her intricate mixed media creations.  Durazzo plays with imperfections to create something which not only looks handmade but feels like a living artwork.  The entire piece is lovingly put together by hand and each material is patiently placed one by one. Her technique consists of the application of a wide variety of materials, some of which are rarely used elsewhere, giving her artwork a unique feel and design.  Durazzo’s quasi mosaic artworks can include such varied materials as stone, sand, pearls, shells, resin, ceramics and paint to name but a few.

Raffaele Fiore brings a slice of Venice since his favourite subjects are Venetian canal scenes as well as Tuscan landscapes. The sense of tension that emerges from the interaction of light and shadow affords his Venetian paintings a special quality allowing the viewer to embark on a journey through time.  The fascinating aspect of this is the idea that his paintings allow an echo of reality beyond the flood of images in a world merely perceived through the media. Fiore grabs attention with vibrant colours and a sense for the intimate situation. His accomplished use of light and shadows with the help of a perfect palette gives his paintings a unique feeling. In his paintings Raffaele Fiore communicates joy, vitality and a romantic atmosphere in a direct and engaging manner.


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