Watercolour Paintings by Oliver Pyle

Oliver Pyle has captured our imagination and longing to get outdoors and experience the Great British countryside. His watercolour paintings are far richer and more detailed than most whilst Oliver readily admits he loves painting details. Whilst chatting with us it became clear that Oliver is passionate about not only the landscapes but capturing in a painting.

“I love the landscape – it’s why I want to paint it. I love experiencing it, smelling it, listening to it and getting that experience into the work.”

Oliver Pyle in an interview with Sussex Life

Oliver’s artwork tends to begin in his sketchbook whist out and about. He will often take photographs to aid later on in his studio when completing the painting. Most of his paintings are inspired by places he knows well, or has a long connection with. His popular paintings of Lulworth Cove or Durdle Door come from family holidays in Dorset, while his images of Ashdown Forest are born from years of stomping in Winnie-the-Pooh’s footsteps.

“People are so busy,” he says. “They don’t stop and notice things. I always tell my children [he has four aged between 11 and 20] that the ordinary is extraordinary. The wonderful thing about sketching outdoors is you have to look properly at things – the way the light hits a branch or a shadow being cast. It is all right there on the doorstep.”

Oliver Pyle in an interview with Sussex Life

autumnal light petworth park
Autumnal Light, Petworth Park
Original Watercolour
20 x 13 inches

“The British landscape is unique – there is so much diversity that can be found on such a relatively small island; be it the wind-swept spaces of the Ashdown Forest in Sussex, or the dramatic, jagged coastline in the West Country. I understand the frustrations that the British weather confers but as an artist it creates endless opportunities, with the changing light always adding a fresh perspective to each scene.” 

Oliver Pyle

November Light, Kimmeridge Bay
Original Watercolour
28 x 21 inches

Oliver has established himself as a successful landscape artist, predominantly focussing on the United Kingdom which he considers to be a rich source of inspiration.

chichester harbour watercolour
Chichester Harbour
Original Watercolour
19 x 13 inches

Oliver is available for commissions. If you are interested in these wonderful watercolour paintings; have a special place which you would like painted; or for any other queries please get in touch with us


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