Oliver Pyle

Oliver Pyle

Oliver Pyle is an established landscape artist, based in Sussex, predominantly focusing on the United Kingdom as inspiration for his artwork. Entirely self-taught, his work is much in demand and can be found in collections in the UK and internationally. In 2016 Medici Cards launched a new collection exclusively featuring Oliver’s work and he writes instructional articles for publications in the UK and the US. In addition to working with the galleries that represent him, Oliver also provides masterclasses and demonstrations with art societies in the South East.

As a landscape artist Oliver places much importance on being outdoors where light, smells, sounds and textures all combine to deliver an exceptional sensory experience that never fails to inspire, helping to inform the atmosphere he captures in his work.  In Sussex there is ample opportunity to be outdoors in the landscape, collecting ideas and inspiration, making notes and sketches for future work; “In many respects Sussex is an artist’s dream, and there is never a shortage of subjects to explore. The county’s landscape is so varied; the rolling hills of the South Downs, ancient woodlands with carpets of bluebells, and the wide-open heathland of Ashdown Forest, not to mention the many charming villages and fascinating coastline.”

Oliver Pyle works exclusively in watercolour, exploring the impact of light, weather, and the seasons, combining them to achieve paintings that are evocative and atmospheric. “To me watercolour is best when it is allowed to run free without being over-worked. Achieving this within the confines of a realistic approach is a balancing act, but I always try and provide the viewer with a sense of the place, not a rigorous study of every blade of grass! Working with watercolour is perfect for conveying a delicate balance of tones and hues, creating pictures that are subtle and welcoming.”

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