Terence Grundy

Terence Grundy

Terence Grundy was born in Bolton in 1956 and found his passion for art at an early age. Although opting for a career in engineering he continued to nurture his passion for art by practising it as a hobby. However, by the 1980s Terry’s urge to paint was overwhelmingly re-ignited. Leaving his engineering behind, Terry became a professional artist committed to capturing the beauty of the English countryside and its sweeping valleys, landscapes and rivers.

Terence Grundy employs a meticulous attention to detail, use of natural colour and an extraordinary depth of view merge into a single, immersive experience; one could be standing at a window, looking out into the countryside.

Terry has found great success as one of Britain’s top landscape artists. The Earl of Carnarvon recently commissioned Terry to paint the grounds of his home, Highclere Castle, which serves as the primary filming location for ‘Downtown Abbey’. Unsurprisingly, Terence Grundy has a well-established national following with many prestigious galleries and individuals seeking his work.

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