Ben Waddams

Ben Waddams

Ben Waddams is a British wildlife artist living and working in Shropshire. Originally from Buckinghamshire, Ben has lived in the States for many years on several different occasions and travelled in search of exotic wildlife across Central America and Africa. 

“I have been lucky enough to have lived and travelled through some truly mesmerising areas of the world and this is where I take my inspiration from. I feel I must know my subject intimately. I try my very best to study the species in the wild. I research its habitat, speak to experts, read books, study maps, try to understand its natural history, visit its environment, sketch it and photograph it. If I fail, I speak to and study the work of wildlife cameramen and professional photographers. 

The wildlife should always and does always come first.

I try to paint ‘moments in nature’. Scenes where, for the most part, the viewer plays no active role. My paintings aim to be windows into the natural world. They are concerned primarily with animal behaviour and potential energy – that moment caught in time before life resumes.

They are simple studies with subtle hints to the habitat and environment. I enjoy the details of the natural world but I am not a realist. My paintings are painted to give the impression and illusion of detail, without actually painting the detail itself. In other words they aim to be faithful to natural history whilst maintaining a style and an artistic integrity. 

My aim is that they invoke a stirring in the minds of their audience and in turn my hope is that the audience themselves will be inspired to seek out and help protect the species in my paintings and of this planet.”  

We are thrilled to exhibit Ben’s work here at Forest Gallery. For any commission enquiries please get in touch with us.

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