Debbie Boon

Debbie Boon

Debbie Boon studied at Art College before embarking on a career in graphic design.  Since then Debbie has become well known as a children’s book illustrator as well as establishing herself as a painter in commercial and private spheres.

This career as an illustrator instilled in her the desire to create character within the painted image and this intention is never far from the surface. Whether depicting animals, people or places, Debbie conveys a deeply personal impression of each subject, through a progression of expressive paint techniques, colour, light and movement.

Debbie Boon creates her work on canvas using heavy bodied acrylics with a rich, almost buttery texture and a variety of glazes.

Working quickly at the initial stage to block in the main elements of the composition, she then layers her paints to create depth and vibrancy. Her art is characterized by an energy and vivacity which reflect the joie de vivre she feels when faced with a subject that captures her imagination.

Debbie’s latest work has the ability to sit comfortably in both traditional and contemporary settings and graces the walls of numerous boutique hotels, including Michael Caine’s signature restaurant in the Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter.

  • The Meet
    The Meet 52 x 52 inches £ 1,850.00
  • Taking Flight
    Taking Flight 32 x 20 inches £ 415.00
  • Together
    Together 71 x 35 inches £ 1,400.00
  • Wool and Straw
    Wool and Straw 19 x 19 inches £ 355.00
  • Whiskers
    Whiskers 28 x 18 inches £ 415.00
  • Black Labrador with Woodcock
    Black Labrador with Woodcock 23 x 23 inches £ 415.00
  • Thistledown
    Thistledown 19 x 19 inches £ 355.00
  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman 27 x 27 inches £ 475.00
  • The Spaniard
    The Spaniard 24 x 27 inches £ 475.00
  • Sprinter
    Sprinter 23 x 23 inches £ 415.00
  • Sea Horses
    Sea Horses 25 x 27 inches £ 475.00
  • Quartet
    Quartet 38 x 24 inches £ 510.00
  • The Call
    The Call 39 x 22 inches £ 500.00
  • The Meet
    The Meet 27 x 27 inches £ 475.00
  • Man’s Best Friend
    Man’s Best Friend 19 x 19 inches £ 355.00
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