Erich Paulsen Original Paintings – New Collection

Erich Paulsen’s original paintings are not that easy to come by these days. Even so, at 85 years old this inspirational artist continues to paint in his characterful palette-knife style. We are quite excited by our new collection, and rightfully so. Following two one-man exhibitions at Forest Gallery Guildford Erich Paulsen has firmly cemented himself in the enviable position of one of Forest Gallery’s all-time most sought after artists.

Looking back at how the young artist began painting we are presented with a fascinating story. Born in a small village near Berlin, Erich Paulsen showed a prodigious talent for painting as he was growing up but his father urged him to learn a ‘normal’ profession, encouraging him to become a varnisher and whitewasher.

The foreman at his work painted landscapes in his free time and the young Paulsen observed him, eager to try and paint. With no money to buy paint or brushes he took some of the foremans paints. Since the foreman kept his brushes in a seperate place Paulsen was forced to use the spatula which he normally took to remove old layers of colour and he painted a landscape with houses.

It only took one critical glance by the foreman to realise that the young Paulsen had great talent. On seeing Paulsen’s first painting the foreman told him to take all his paints and brushes as he knew the young painter could have great success.

This was the start for a very successful artistic career, which led him to the Master School for Painting up to one of the most known artists. We love the use of texture in Paulsen’s paintings which, it would seem, arose more by luck than judgement but ignited an artist’s career.

Don’t miss out  – visit our gallery in Petworth, West Sussex to view the new collection or to view online click below:


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