Spanish Artists Now Exhibiting At Forest Gallery

As a leading independent art gallery we are always on the lookout for new artists both within the United Kingdom and internationally. Recently we have begun representing a fantastic group of Spanish artists whose creative artworks are a perfect complement to our current collections.

Spain has a truly rich tradition in art and has played an important role in the development and history of painting in Europe. Over the past few centuries some of the best known artists have come from Spain. From Diego Velazquez to Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso to Salvador Dali, these artists have helped to shape the art world through their paintings.

Forest Gallery has pleasure in presenting the following three Spanish artists who are now exhibiting in our show room and online.

Miguel Peidro – Spanish Landscape Paintings

Born 12 June 1950, Miguel Peidro lives near the Pyrenees mountain range with an abundance of inspiration round every corner. His oil paintings are always based on real places as he makes small sketches en plein air and then completes the painting on a larger scale in his studio.

One true love of this talented Spanish landscape artist is the autumn season and array of colours it brings with it.

“I am a lover of nature and I enjoy it in my daily life (running, painting and photographing it) but it is in autumn that I feel more emotion and peace through the diversity of tones and tranquility.

It seems that the colour is unreal, as if you were in a story far removed from everything, and from there comes my inspiration. Autumn is in tune with what I look for in painting light and colour.”

(Below) ‘Country Parks’ by Miguel Peidro. Original oil painting measuring 12 x 12 inches unframed

Spanish paintings by artist Miguel Pedro painting a traditional landscape

Casimiro Perez – Contemporary Spanish Paintings

Casimiro has a style of his own the likes of which is hard to define! The second of our Spanish artists to feature here, his 3D figures on canvas capture the imagination and his bold, colourful paintings are a joy to look at.

Born in Alicante in 1959, studied at the School of Fine Arts in Alicante before moving to Valencia. It was here that he paid frequent visits to the harbour side and found his original style and love for Marine paintings.

Despite his age, Casimiro Pérez is still studying at the University of Valencia. With an attitude to continuous self-learning, the artist is ever faithful in seeking to improve his artistic skills. He is now toying with newer tendencies, nodding towards the modern market with abstract sculptural paintings.

(Below) ‘Dancing Together’ by Casimiro Perez. Mixed media on canvas measuring 51 x 20 inches

Spanish painting by Casimiro Perez showing crowd of people in 3d on canvas

Helios Gisbert – Spanish Coastal Paintings

The third of our Spanish artists to feature has a more traditional feel to his artworks.

Born in 1958 in the Spanish city of Alcoy, Helios studied at the School of Fine Arts, perfecting his unique style and technique. He has always held an appreciation for the natural landscape and draws inspiration from his local Spanish surroundings.

Today he is considered to be one of the best Spanish artists in his style. Each of his works demonstrate a deep passion for landscapes and nature in general. His paintings show a realism combined with a poetic atmosphere, a combination that his work is well recognised for. By employing truthful portrayals of locations with more abstract interpretations, he creates technically complex but beautiful paintings.

The striking quality of Helios’ work is founded on vigorous combinations of strong tones, fluid brushstrokes and concise line work. Using this technique, he effectively depicts detail and attracts attention to desired points without labouring artworks. Leaning on the continental scenes of Spanish villages and harbours basked in hot Summer sun, the artist works effortlessly to recreate beautiful evocations of harmonious and striking landscapes.

Helios’ atmospheric work has been shown in over a hundred individual exhibitions throughout Spain and Portugal. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest Valencian artists of the twentieth Century and has work displayed across Europe. His participation in competitions has been recognised with more than 38 prestigious awards.

(Below) ‘Gazing To Sea’ by Helios Gisbert. Original oil painting on board measuring 12 x 6 inches unframed

Coastal painting by Spanish Artist Helios Gilbert depicting a small fishing village and framed in cream frame

Information On Spanish Artists

We hope you have enjoyed this little introduction to three of our Spanish artists. To see more artworks by any of the featured artists feel free to get in touch with us or browse the artist pages on our website. We will be working closely with all three artists so if you would like to discuss possible commissions or have any special requests we would love to assist you. Alternatively, follow the link below to see more artworks by the popular artist Helios Gisbert.


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