Helios Gisbert

Helios Gisbert

Helios Gisbert was born in 1958 in the Spanish city of Alcoy. Here he studied at the School of Fine Arts and Crafts perfecting his unique style and technique. The artist has always held an appreciation for the natural landscape and draws inspiration from his local Spanish surroundings.

Today he is considered to be one of the best Spanish artists in his style. Each of his works demonstrate a deep passion for landscapes and nature in general. His paintings show a realism combined with a poetic atmosphere, a combination that his work is well recognised for. By employing truthful portrayals of locations with more abstract interpretations, he creates technically complex but beautiful paintings.

The striking quality of Helios’ work is founded on vigorous combinations of strong tones, fluid brushstrokes and concise line work. Using this technique, he effectively depicts detail and attracts attention to desired points without labouring artworks. Leaning on the continental scenes of Spanish villages and harbours basked in hot Summer sun, the artist works effortlessly to recreate beautiful evocations of harmonious and striking landscapes.

Helios’ atmospheric work has been shown in over a hundred individual exhibitions throughout Spain and Portugal. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest Valencian artists of the twentieth Century and has work displayed across Europe. His participation in competitions has been recognised with more than 38 prestigious awards.

We are delighted to welcome Helios Gisbert to Forest Gallery and display this talented artist’s striking paintings.

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