Mandii Pope

Mandii Pope

Originally from New Zealand, Amanda-Grace (Mandii) has been a full-time practising artist for over 20 years.  London-based, Mandii Pope has held solo and group shows in the South Pacific, Europe and UAE.

Growing up in New Zealand as a child Mandii would often create art from props in her Fathers hardware store. Using found and seemingly innocuous objects, she can turn her hand to most styles and mediums to create wonderful artwork. Working in a variety of styles, she focuses on the play of different strokes and mediums and explores interactions to create dynamic and fluid artworks full of emotion and movement.

Mandii tends to work on collections as she explores a subject using her artistic vision and experimentation. Her latest mayfly/dragonfly series is based on the making of each moment in life and explores the transient nature of a mayfly; “What would you do if you only had one day?” The mayfly lives for less than 24 hours, some only five minutes. Once hatched, they must explore, feed, find a mate, and adventure before the sun sets. Skilfully completed and finished in circular black frames each piece is a window into nature itself.

Mandii’s artworks are held in private and commercial collections internationally. The artist has completed 27 public art sculptures to date for various charities around the globe and conducted live art with royalty for charity events.  In 2016 she was a finalist for New Zealander of the Year in the UK for her longstanding contribution of her own art-based charity work.

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