Willem Heytmann

Willem Heytmann

Willem Heytmann was born in 1950 and whilst other boys liked little trucks to play with, Willem only wanted paper and crayons. At school, he would doodle and draw in all his books and exercise books. Once leaving school these drawings became more advanced as he began to try pastels and watercolours and finally oil paintings.

In 1976 he had his first exhibition in Middelburg, the Netherlands, which was a great success. This was particularly important as a turning point in his career as he is practically self-taught (other than the famous painter J.W. Heijting acting as his adviser and promoter). Over time Willem made great efforts to improve his techniques and colour scheme. He is a very versatile artist and masters not only landscapes, but also difficult architectural scenes, beach scenes with figures and city scenes with trams and cars.

Over the course of 40 years of successful work Willem Heytmann has received much international appreciation of his accomplished paintings and as a result has amassed many collectors in Germany, England, France, Netherland, Austria and USA.

  • Fleet Street, London
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    Fleet Street, London
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