Ben Jeffery

Ben Jeffery

Born in 1986 in Barnet, North London, Ben Jeffery has always had a keen interest in art. Through early admiration of his distant relative and renowned artist, John Varley, and keen study of art at school, Ben realised he wished to be an artist from a young age.

At school Ben and his classmates used to wager on who could produce the best portraits of people. This often yielded encouraging reactions, most notably upon painting a portrait of his father.

Ben Jeffery continued to study Art to degree level. Although he received guidance and advice throughout the years, Ben’s techniques in use today are mostly self-taught. He finds the challenges of developing ideas and portfolios using his own techniques exciting and relished these opportunities during College and University as a result. Despite receiving criticism from tutors, Ben continued to pursue his own interests combining colour and detail in oil paints. In these career shaping years Ben describes the importance of trial and error in finding his unique style.

Ben works in an inspired fashion, often filling the canvas with unplanned brush strokes and colour. This fluidity in his method of working is certainly visible in the final results. It is from these early strokes that the finer detailed brushwork is added to create the finished piece.

An avid Sci-fi movie fan, Ben loves experimenting with vivid colours and unusual special effects on the canvas. Having dabbled in digital painting and looked through the door to being a concept artist for films and video games, Ben finds a lot of inspiration from these areas.

We are delighted to showcase the work of Ben Jeffery here at Forest Gallery. Please contact us for further information about the artist.

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