Marc Allante

Marc Allante

Hong Kong born artist Marc Allante exhibited a passion for the visual arts from an early age. Having lived in Hong Kong, Sydney and London, his work is inspired in both form and style by these western and eastern influences. Merging traditional Chinese inks with European painting techniques in a contemporary style reflects the fusion of his Chinese-French ancestry and brings it into a modern context.

Self taught, Marc utilises a variety of techniques, subject matter and themes to expand the repertoire of his artworks. His most recent works combine oils, inks and watercolour to stunning effect in his wildlife portraits.

Marc Allante achieved international notoriety when in 2012 a series showing the progression of his artwork from the ages of 2 – 25 went viral.  Interviews followed with the Huffington Post and the Daily Mail amongst others which led to Marc’s first exhibitions and gallery representation. Marc was also shortlisted as the Hong Kong Young Artist of the Year at the Asia Contemporary Art Fair, 2012.

Since then Marc left his corporate job to paint full time and as he puts it, “to do what I love on a daily basis”.

Marc’s artwork continues to gain in popularity and critical acclaim following a solo show in Los Angeles in 2017 and collaborations with corporate giants such as Samsung.

Forest Gallery are currently representing Marc exclusively in Europe and have on offer a selection of Marc’s limited edition giclee prints and original paintings.

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