Kev Munday

Kev Munday

Kev Munday creates positive, vibrant artwork inspired by people watching and the every day. Exaggerating and celebrating the ordinary, Kev aims for his art to appeal to all ages and make the viewer think and smile at the same time.

Working with a wide range of mediums including paint markers, spray paint and brushes, his often-simplistic naïve artworks take inspiration from art-forms as diverse as kawaii graphics and huichol yarn paintings.

Kev has created artwork for brands including Walt Disney, Graham & Brown Wallpaper, Fracture Skateboards and Uni-Ball. He was recently named in an article by The Telegraph as one of five ‘British Artists To Invest In’. In 2017, his art continued to grow in popularity across Europe, with exhibitions in France, Belgium and The Netherlands and collections being presented at Art Up Rouen and Lux Art Fair.

Recent press features include BBC News, The Metro, The Big Issue and London Live. In May 2019, Kev Munday’s painting ‘Family’ was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Forest Gallery are pleased to work closely with Kev Munday as one of the very few galleries worldwide exhibiting his artwork and can organise commissions for any special pieces or requirements.

  • Peering into the Ocean
    Peering into the Ocean 36 x 24 inches £ 1,250.00
  • Colourful Harmony
    Colourful Harmony 36 x 24 inches £ 1,250.00
  • A Little Bit Of Sunshine
    A Little Bit Of Sunshine 47 x 39 inches £ 2,250.00
  • Utopia
    Utopia 24 x 24 inches £ 600.00
  • Crush
    Crush 24 x 24 inches £ 600.00
  • The Dog & The Sun
    The Dog & The Sun 16 x 16 inches £ 295.00
  • Three Elephants
    Three Elephants 16 x 16 inches £ 295.00
  • The Highland Cow
    The Highland Cow 16 x 16 inches £ 295.00
  • Tempo
    Tempo 21 x 79 x 10 inches £ 2,500.00
  • This One is for the Heroes
    This One is for the Heroes 24 x 24 inches Sold
  • Creative Quest
    Creative Quest 16 x 16 inches Sold
  • Feeding the Ducks
    Feeding the Ducks 30 x 30 inches Sold
  • Feeding the Pigeons
    Feeding the Pigeons 30 x 30 inches Sold
  • Aquamarine Crowd
    Aquamarine Crowd 39 x 47 inches Sold
  • Patchwork Landscape
    Patchwork Landscape 24 x 24 inches Sold
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