Sunita Khedekar

Sunita Khedekar

Sunita Khedekar was born and raised in a traditional Indian family in Mumbai. She graduated in Applied Arts and Fine Arts from Asia’s premier art school, Sir J.J Institute of Applied Art in Mumbai, 1991. After graduation she worked in advertising agency as a visualiser and illustrator.

In 1995, Sunita inaugurated her own design studio mainly concentrating on stained glass, murals and paintings. She worked on high profile projects such as the Mayor’s Bungalow, several corporate offices and Hotels. Alongside her busy workshop, she also participated in a few exhibitions in Mumbai.

In late 1999, Sunita Khedekar relocated to the UK and, since then, she has concentrated on painting, inspired by the beautiful English landscape, the symmetrical architectural style and the seasonal change of hues all around her, combined with her nostalgia of India. While the subject is English, her treatment of it as a colourful patchwork recalls her Indian origins. Colour, shape or texture are enough to give her an idea for a painting and her poetic work is a diary in which she shows the state of her emotions. The artist guides the viewer through her personal universe while leaving him to free to his own interpretation.

Recently her work has been published by some of India’s most well known companies such as Archie’s Gifts & Greetings and the charity CRY Child Rights & You. In 2018, Archie’s new year calendar will feature Sunita’s work based on Indian monuments.

Besides her own work, she also runs art classes for children and adults and has nearly 40 students. This year 12 students’ work was selected for a CRY Child Right & You publication. In April 2017, she hosted the frst art exhibition of her talented students.

  • A Clear Sunny Day Over The Village
    A Clear Sunny Day Over The Village 20 x 20 inches £ 550.00
  • Our House Amongst The Trees
    Our House Amongst The Trees 24 x 24 inches £ 760.00
  • Valley of the Sun
    Valley of the Sun 40 x 40 inches £ 2,000.00
  • Dream Winds
    Dream Winds 32 x 32 inches £ 1,500.00
  • Soul Sisters
    Soul Sisters 47 x 39 inches £ 2,200.00
  • Harmony of Heaven and Earth
    Harmony of Heaven and Earth 32 x 32 inches £ 1,300.00
  • Sailing Town II
    Sailing Town II 12 x 12 inches £ 500.00   £ 465.00
  • Love Is In the Air
    Love Is In the Air 32 x 32 inches £ 1,500.00
  • Bright Day
    Bright Day 16 x 16 inches £ 515.00   £ 495.00
  • Twinkling Forest
    Twinkling Forest 20 x 20 inches £ 725.00
  • Sunrise
    Sunrise 40 x 48 inches £ 2,500.00
  • Lake District
    Lake District 40 x 40 inches £ 1,985.00
  • Barcelona
    Barcelona 40 x 40 inches £ 2,500.00
  • Spring Is Here
    Spring Is Here 20 x 20 inches Sold
  • Reflection
    Reflection 32 x 32 inches Sold
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