Gary Walton

Gary Walton

Gary Walton was born in Worcester in 1962. The artist excelled in creative classes through his school years before going on to work in graphic design. Here he continued to develop his keen technical and artistic abilities whilst painting part-time. Gary’s unique style gradually developed into the instantly recognisable works of today.

Influenced by the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali, Waltons paintings depict ethereal scenes, blurring the line between dream and reality. Many of his works in fact start life as dreams; images seen in his sleep are translated onto canvas with astonishing clarity. Of his inspirations, Gary Walton states I looked deep inside myself to create my individual style of art. It took time to adapt my passion for surrealism to bring my work to life until my creation was born”.

Despite having resided inland over recent years, Gary still has a strong affection for the coast. This is no more evident than in his artwork, with boats, beach huts and lighthouses providing a staple recurring motif. Whimsical buildings inhabit the rolling hills of his landscapes, providing both the audience and artist with a means to escape to his fantastical locations.

Since becoming a full- time artist Waltons style has continued to develop, with an ever- growing body of art collectors seeking his next ethereal painting.

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