Yenny Cocq

Yenny Cocq

Working in figurative sculpture, Yenny Cocq is challenged by one of nature’s most complex and beautiful forms, the human body. Yenny harefined the human figure to basic and almost geometric forms. The artist loves to use the human form to portray an emotional idea or story.

Giving life to her subjects by capturing their innermost emotions, Yenny Cocq notes how her work “expresses my own romantic longings. My romantic couples embody their unique body language and in their unison they display an emergent emotional expression. With simple lines and planes I work to capture the essence of these gestures. Yenny’s bronze figurines, in their expression of romantic love, family and togetherness are wonderfully suited to romantic gifts.

In addition to creating something visually pleasing, Yenny Cocq hopes that viewers merge their own experiences, perceptions and passions in her work. The artist notes, “it is my wish to create and provoke something unique for each viewer”. 

 Yenny Cocq is represented in galleries internationally, with some of her larger sculptures sitting proudly aoutdoor exhibitions. Forest Gallery are delighted to showcase Yenny’s work in the gallery and online.

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