Suzie Marsh

Suzie Marsh

Suzie Marsh studied at Brighton and Exeter colleges of art.  Suzie obtained her degree in ceramic sculpture in 1982. Following this, Suzie went on to work as a designer for various Devon based companies. During this time she gained an insight into the techniques of industrial production. In 1986 she established her own workshop. Since then she has become well known for her animal sculptures which both in the UK and abroad.

The Inspiration

Suzie’s work reflects her fascination with animal character and form. Her inspiration is taken from life whenever possible and through constant observation of her own animals. Indeed, she has become an acknowledged leader in the portrayal of the domestic cat. Suzie now produces a large and ever changing range of cat sculptures at her studio in Cornwall. Additionally, Suzie donates a percentage of each sale to the Cats Protection League, an animal close to her heart.

The Creative Process

The hand carved sculptures are made in stoneware clays. These are fired at 1220 or 1280 degrees Celsius in gas and electric kilns. This process makes them suitable for inside and outside use. Glazes are used sparingly as Suzie prefers the texture and detail of the clay. Instead she prefers to use oxides and matt ceramic pigments to colour her work.

Suzie’s Portfolio

Suzie Marsh has also expanded her portfolio to include many other animals. She is now well known for her sculptures of African wildlife which include large elephant sculptures. Other regular subjects include hares, ducks and birds. In addition, she has developed a range of sculptures produced in cold-cast bronze resin.

Orders and Commissions 

Suzie has undertaken many private commissions including sculptural exhibits for a museum in Taiwan.  Forest Gallery stock a wide range of Suzie’s sculptures and all are available to order. If you are interested in a particular sculpture not on our website please get in touch.  In some circumstances it may be possible to commission a special piece. If this is of interest please speak with us for more information.

  • Hans, Lying Dog
    Hans, Lying Dog 22 x 10 x 8 inches £ 395.00
  • Stan, Sitting Fluffy Cat
    Stan, Sitting Fluffy Cat 6 x 9 x 7 inches £ 105.00
  • Lesley, Lying Cat with Arm Up
    Lesley, Lying Cat with Arm Up 6 x 6 x 7 inches £ 105.00
  • Poppy, Sitting Cairn Terrier
    Poppy, Sitting Cairn Terrier 12 x 9 x 9 inches £ 395.00
  • Small Moon Bear On Moon
    Small Moon Bear On Moon 6.5 x 7 x 6 inches £ 145.00
  • Banjo On Moon
    Banjo On Moon 10 x 12 x 8 inches £ 395.00
  • Scarlett Sitting-Up Beagle
    Scarlett Sitting-Up Beagle 13.5 x 7 x 7.5 inches £ 385.00
  • Baxter Sitting Staffy
    Baxter Sitting Staffy 14.5 x 7.5 x 9.5 inches £ 399.00
  • Olly In Tyre
    Olly In Tyre 5 x 5 x 5 inches £ 98.50
  • Cooper Vizsla Puppy
    Cooper Vizsla Puppy 12 x 20 x 12 inches £ 399.00
  • Flo Bedlington Terrier
    Flo Bedlington Terrier 8 x 15 x 15 inches £ 395.00
  • Large Reclining Hare
    Large Reclining Hare 16 x 7 x 11 inches £ 395.00
  • Scratching Hare
    Scratching Hare 6 x 7 inches £ 110.00
  • James Lying Bear Cub
    James Lying Bear Cub 11 x 7 x 5 inches £ 140.00
  • Tom On Cheese
    Tom On Cheese 4 x 2 x 5 inches £ 45.00
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