Grace Ellen

Grace Ellen

Grace Ellen is a self-taught, professional artist based in Surrey. Inspired by her great love of the outdoors she began capturing the world around her from a young age. At first glance, Grace’s paintings are almost photographic, a closer look reveals a painterly quality. This is created through her intuitive use of different texture mediums, sprays and inks alongside the paint.

Growing up in a family of photographers encouraged Grace to capture the world around her from a young age and, now as a painter, it is a crucial stage in her work. Grace has an ability to compose creative and fulfilling compositions through the lens, that best describe the essence of each location. Her paintings are often from an eye level perspective, giving them an intimate quality that the viewer is invited to step into.

Spending childhood years walking in the Surrey Hills and holidays to Cornwall and the Lake District, inspired her love of the outdoors and led to Grace choosing to study Animal Behaviour and Ecology at the University of Exeter. Learning about the conservation of such places, and the need for their protection, motivated Grace to start painting them and celebrating their natural beauty. She hopes one day to inspire the same interest in others through her art.

Grace Ellen is available for commissions – please get in touch with us for more information.

  • Summer Shine, Wittering
    Summer Shine, Wittering 32 x 32 inches £ 875.00
  • Lilac Skies, Wittering
    Lilac Skies, Wittering 36 x 36 inches £ 1,075.00
  • Summer on the South Downs
    Summer on the South Downs 30 x 30 inches £ 825.00
  • Soft Light, Thursley
    Soft Light, Thursley 20 x 20 inches £ 525.00
  • Sparkling Shores, Wittering
    Sparkling Shores, Wittering 23.5 x 23.5 inches £ 675.00
  • Brightening Skies, Rother
    Brightening Skies, Rother 12 x 12 inches £ 395.00
  • Autumn Trail
    Autumn Trail 12 x 12 inches £ 395.00
  • Gorse Valley, North Devon
    Gorse Valley, North Devon 30 x 30 inches £ 825.00
  • Two Trees, Newlands Corner
    Two Trees, Newlands Corner 8 x 8 inches £ 295.00
  • Rising Mist, Gwithian
    Rising Mist, Gwithian 8 x 8 inches £ 295.00
  • Summer Across Devil’s Dyke
    Summer Across Devil’s Dyke 12 x 12 inches £ 395.00
  • Sunlit Sea, Coming Home
    Sunlit Sea, Coming Home 30 x 30 inches £ 825.00
  • Spring Greens, Itchen
    Spring Greens, Itchen 12 x 12 inches £ 395.00
  • Light Breeze, Holywell Bay
    Light Breeze, Holywell Bay 12 x 12 inches £ 395.00
  • Reaching Out, Mortehoe
    Reaching Out, Mortehoe 12 x 12 inches £ 395.00
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