Marco Arie

Marco Arie

Marco Arie, an Italian artist based in Rome, creates skilful sculptural art from metal and wood. His professional experience working across both furniture manufacturing and interior design has afforded him intricate metal and woodwork skill. This talent, combined with an artistic eye, is certainly visible in the work he produces where a delicate marriage of materials work together to create beautiful three-dimensional pieces.

Marco sources the majority of his materials from disused furniture found in old boat scrape yards, many of which comprise parts that are over one hundred years old. With metal boats made from old ship’s parts dating back to the early 1900s and hulls made from old wooden furniture, his artwork is steeped in history and character. In the artist’s own words “the rusty and scarred appearance gives a sense of familiarity” to the objects, suggesting they have lived another life but through his influence have been reborn. 

Marco Arie seeks to invoke a philosophical freedom within his art that, when embraced, offers a dream-like disconnect from reality. When depicted successfully this freedom allows viewers to relinquish themselves from the confusion and decisions presented in a busy modern world. The use of muted tones and a subtle palette bolster this dreamy appearance. Once viewing the artwork Marco’s invitation to “disconnect from the moorings and sail away” becomes clear.

We are thrilled to have such a talented and unique Italian artist now on display here at Forest Gallery.

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