Sue Ransley

Sue Ransley

Sue Ransley, based in West Sussex, is famous for painting people. Not the celebrities or picture perfect bodies you might expect to be captured on canvas but ordinary, everyday folk.  Sue describes it as “capturing the moment and that quirky mannerism, the hunch of the shoulder, the rolled foot – whatever it maybe, I see it, and see it as a painting.

Sometimes what I’ve seen is obvious in the image, other times it’s about my imagination – having guessed at the person’s background or thoughts at that precise moment, and I’m translating what I’ve seen onto the canvas/paper. But always I’m looking to capture the familiar – real people doing everyday things.

I take an honest yet affectionate view of everyday moments. I think humour is critical for people’s well-being, both physical and mental. And it’s too easy to be sucked into the dark side of life – especially now we have constant negative news feed!  So I try to be the antithesis of this and incorporate a little humour in my work. But I like people, so even when I’m having a tease I aim to have people laugh with me, perhaps recognising something of themselves, evoking a sense of the familiar.”

Sue Ransley works mainly in oil but occasionally enjoys the total absorption of painting in watercolour. Relying mainly on her own photography for reference the aim is always to capture the moment that caught her attention. Generally, Sue’s work is Alla Prima, focusing on the essence of the image, rather than the finer detail.  Sue even spends part of the time upside down, (the canvas that is, not her) to ensure she keeps the work loose.  Sue has exhibited in the London Art Show, Nehru Centre and been shortlisted for the National Open Art Competition as well as being selected to exhibit in Artrooms London.

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