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Moonlight Relections

Original oil painting on canvas of a moonlit lake. Filled with atmosphere this painting is framed in the lower left hand corner and framed as shown.

  • Oil on Canvas
  • 10 x 12 inches (unframed)
  • 18 x 20 inches (framed)
  • Sold
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  • Visualise on Your Wall
  • Visualise on Your Wall with Art Visualiser

    • 1. Scan the QR Code / Download Art Visulaliser if it's your 1st time
    • 2. Press Visualise On Wall / Aim your phone at your floor while it calibrates *
    • 3. Move your position until it meets the floor and bottom of your wall
    • 4. Click the Pin icon to lock it into place and the painting will appear on your wall
    • 5. You can move the painting around with your finger and move your position to see the painting from different angles

    * Older mobile devices will require an AR Marker to be downloaded, printed on A4 and positioned on your wall

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